Gynaecology & Monash IVF

Bendigo Day Surgery has local Bendigo Specialist Gynaecologists who perform a range of Day Surgery Gynaecology services. 

Gynaecology Procedures at BDS

  • Laparoscopy for diagnosis and treatment of Gynaecological problems
  • Endometrial Ablation with Novosure®
  • Hysteroscopy and D&C
  • Contraception - Laparoscopic Sterilisation, Insertion of Mirena®

Monash IVF Procedures

Bendigo Day Surgery has been home to the Monash IVF service in central Victoria since 2009. Over 300 babies have been born through our service, with one of the highest success rates for an IVF service in Australia.


Dr Anju Argarwal (Monash IVF)

61 Honeysuckle St
Bendigo 3550
5443 2276

Dr Angelika Borozdina

11 Grattan St
Bendigo 3550
5443 0935

Dr John Cullen (Monash IVF)

18 Rowan St
Bendigo 3550

5441 4155

Dr Mark Jalland (Monash IVF)

34 Rowan St
Bendigo 3550

5443 3488

A/Prof Peter Roessler
Dr Emma Buckland

3 Bayne St
Bendigo 3550

5441 7888


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