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Nearly 60% of all elective surgery is now performed as Day Surgery, without the need for overnight hospital stay. 

Bendigo Day Surgery offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and Day Surgery services to the community of Bendigo and Central Victoria. There is no need to travel to Melbourne for most Day Surgery procedures.

BDS is owned and operated by local Bendigo Specialists. They will work with your GP to provide you with the best possible care before, during and after your procedure.

If you are looking for a Specialist for a particular medical problem, please follow the links below. 


Ear Nose Throat/ Head & Neck Surgery

General Surgery

Rockey, Mr Jason



Fisher, A/Prof A Leslie



5442 1150



5434 3393

Arnold, Dr Janine

Campbell, Mr Graeme

Cao, Mr Manny

Gray, Mr Anthony

Mitchell, Mr Rodney

Oliver, Mr Matthew


5445 4900

5441 8322

5441 8322

5434 3243

5442 5512

5445 4900

Gynaecology/Monash IVF

Ophthalmic (Eye) Surgery

Argarwal, Dr Anju

Borozdina, Dr Angelika

Buckland, Dr Emma

Cullen, Dr John

Jalland, Dr Mark

Monro, Dr Robin

Roessler, Dr Peter


5443 0935

5443 0935

5441 7888

5441 4155

5443 3488

5442 2333

5441 7888

Burt, Adjunct Clinical Prof Peter

Burt, Dr Benjamin

Gibson, Dr Andrew

Irani, Dr Farokh

Shiu, Dr Michael

5441 1622

5441 1622

5444 4330

5442 8322

5441 1622


Orthopaedic Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dayananda, Mr Neelika

James, Mr Dugal

Perera, Mr Travis

Williams, Mr Huw


5447 7671

5442 5288

5443 5944

5434 3397

Dickinson, Mr Richard

Snell, Mr Broughton

5443 7733

5443 0294

Oral & Faciomaxillary Surgery

Urological Surgery


Poker, Dr Ian

5442 4119

Lindsay, Mr Stephen

McClatchey, Mr Michael


5442 6330

5434 3388

Anaesthetic Services


Central Victorian Anaesthetic Service
Bradshaw, Dr Alan
 Buncle, Dr Paul
 Davenport, Dr Keith
 Hamond, Dr Leon
 Hams, Dr Steven
 Koudos, Dr Peter
 Mazur, Dr Peter
 Nerlekar, Dr Mohan 
 Nerlekar, Dr Ruta 
 Purcell, Dr Andrew 
 Shapiro, Mervyn

5443 6155

Bendigo Anaesthetic Services

 Dobell, Dr Siobhan
 Edington, Dr John
 Wilson, Dr Rodney

Bendigo Goldfields Anaesthetic Specialists

 Harding, Dr Jackson

Essential Anaesthetic Services
 Hindson, Dr Bradley
 Breuer, Dr Deas

Noble, Dr David

5434 3355

5444 0038


1300 133005

5442 1240

Open Access Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy at BDS