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Open Access Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is a fast-track referral system to improve access to specialist medical services.

Doctors can refer a patient to the Specialist of choice for Gastroscopy and/or Colonoscopy without the need for an initial consultation with the Specialist.

Guidelines for Referring Doctors

  1. Choose a Specialist (see list below)

If you have an urgent referral, or need more information about available Endoscopy lists or lists on a particular day, please call Bendigo Day Surgery reception on 5444 3533.

  2. Send the Referral

by Argus-encrypted email (preferred), by fax or by mail.

  3. The Specialist's rooms will contact the patient directly

If the patient is suitable for Open Access Endoscopy, they will be contacted directly by the Specialist's Reception staff and an admission to Bendigo Day Surgery will be arranged for Gastroscopy and/or Colonoscopy. Bowel preparation is required for colonoscopy.

  4. Follow-up Appointment with referring GP

The results of the endoscopy and any biopsy results are sent to the referring GP. The patient will be advised of any follow-up appointments that are needed.

Some patients are not suitable for Open Access Endoscopy. We recommend referral to a Specialist for consultation prior to GI Endoscopy for patients:

    • Younger than 16 years or older than 80 years
    • Significant chronic medical problems
    • Poor mobility
    • Obesity with weight >150kg or BMI >35

BDS Open Access GI Endoscopy Specialists

Our Bendigo Day Surgery Gastroenterologists and General Surgeons live and work in Bendigo and work together to get the best treatment outcomes for patients in our community.

Medical problems often need to be treated by a team of Specialists who work cooperatively together. Patients with Bowel cancer, for example, may need care from a Gastroenterologist, Surgeon, Medical or Radiation Oncologist as well as diagnostic services like Pathology and Radiology. In Bendigo, we have an excellent network of Medical Specialists who work together in Multidisciplinary teams.

  Specialty Interests Phone      
Arnold, Janine General surgery, GI Endoscopy

5444 0878
5444 1359
Campbell, Graeme General, Breast & Colorectal surgery,
GI Endoscopy
5441 8322 5441 8542
Cao, Manny General, Breast, Colorectal &
Laparoscopic surgery, GI Endoscopy
5441 8322 5441 8542
Cuthbertson, Cris General, Breast & Colorectal surgery,
GI Endoscopy
5434 3243 5443 4162  
Fisher, A/Prof Leslie General Physician, Gastroenterology

5434 3393 5441 3789
Gray, Tony General, Breast & Colorectal surgery,
GI Endoscopy
5434 3243 5443 4162  
Mitchell, Rodney General, Head & Neck, Endocrine,
Breast, Colorectal surgery, GI Endoscopy
5442 5512 5442 9154